Giving A Hand To Lifting Lord Stanley

I was checking out the scheduled hockey card set releases for the 2019-20 season and noticed that Panini has yet to come out and announce production of their lone annual contribution to the hockey market with their sticker set and album. In the past, the release has dropped around mid-September so time is ticking and my expectations are beginning to dwindle.

I haven't attended any card shows lately but here are a few I picked up at local markets for my Lifting Lord Stanley personal collection. Scouring through binders and monster boxes for cards that fit the bill has made collecting a little more exciting.

Lemieux's first Cup. One of my favorite cards from 1991-92 Pro Set; the team photo card that follows this card in the set is also a memorable one.

Lemieux's second Cup.

It's tough to find anyone selling off their 90s cards... I figure most dealers don't feel like it's worth the weight, hauling boxes of junk wax around and all. And those who are selling their abandoned childhood hockey card collections via the online marketplace are delusional when it comes to value. I'm just trying to collect for the fun of it!


  1. Man those early 90's Penguins teams were awesome! I remember always using them for NHL hockey on the Genesis... because they were so stacked.


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