Just a quick three pack show and tell for this evenings post. Not entirely sure why I decided to take a gamble on SPx for the second week in a row but here we go!

Scanning all the cards 

Lets take a break from the base with a regular short print rookie card #d /499. Cade Fairchild played a handful of games with the St. Louis Blues during the 2011-12 season and has since found himself making the rounds in the AHL, ECHL, KHL and most recently with Rogle BK in the Swedish Hockey League.

Not a whole lot going on here. I mean, Boston Bruins era Milan Lucic IS one of my favorite players from that period of time in the National Hockey League - and that's stretching it when it comes to discussing the contents from these SPx packs.


Blog Bat Around: All-Autograph Team Hockey Edition

I really like the idea for the most recent Blog Bat Around that has been circulating around the sports card blogosphere courtesy of Torren' Up Cards - construct a starting nine/10 lineup with their best baseball autographs at each position. Simple enough.

I'm not a baseball card collector but I certainly am an autograph collector. Collating completely hand-signed hockey card sets have been my main hobby focus since returning to the game a little over 6 years ago. At the moment, I am working on three sets - 2012-13 Score, 2011 Panini Stickers and 1990 Panini Stickers. I'm only 18 cards away from finishing the entire 548 card Score set and have made significant progress on the other two.

So here is my starting lineup of my best/favorite autographs by position - Centre, Left Wing, Right Wing, 2 Defensemen and a Goalie.


Sidney Crosby / Centre - He's my current favorite player so few other could trump Sid as the centre selection in my starting lineup. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time.

This card was signed by Crosby after the Pittsburgh Penguins' 2017 Stanley Cup Parade.

Jaromir Jagr / Right Wing - This was probably the most difficult position that I hadto select but in the end Calgary Flame's legend, Jaromir Jagr, takes the throne. Honorable mention goes to Brett Hull.

Jagr signed two cards from this set at a signing.

Bobby Hull / Left Wing - The Golden Jet.

Nicklas Lidstrom / Defence - One of the most reliable defensemen to ever play the game. Oozes leadership both on and off the ice.

Through the mail.

Paul Coffey / Defence - Embodied everything an offensive defenseman could be.

Received Coffey through the mail a few years back.

Patrick Roy / Goaltender - Unarguably one of the greatest to man the pipes.

Roy signed his ‘90 Panini through a private signing.


Lifting Lord Stanley

It's the first night of the Stanley Cup playoffs! Who else is excited!? I'm sitting here watching the Penguins beat up on the Flyers in Game 1 and it feels so good. I can only hope this sort of play continues and the Pens can make it a three-peat; a third Cup in as many years could define how they’re remembered for generations to come.

Speaking of hoisting Lord Stanley's Mug - ever since Brett over at My Hockey Card Obsession rolled out his 'Raise The Cup' project several years ago, I've wanted to start my own. And that's just what I've recently done.

I've collated the first 9 cards towards my project.

I'm already stoked about this new collecting expedition. I'm really looking forward to seeking out and picking up new cards that meet criteria.

Wouldja look at that; a 7-0 pummelling by the Pens capped off with a Sidney Crosby hat-trick. And the Jets won the first game in their series! I'm loving how these 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs have started off.


2011-12 Upper Deck SPx

Truth be told, I haven't picked anything at all for my collection since my last post. I regularly attend the local flea market and spend an hour or so browsing through binders looking for anything that will peak my interest but I often find myself not knowing what I'm searching for to begin with.

Although here's a pack of 2011-12 Upper Deck SPx that I did open up today.

Hopkins was the 2011 1st overall Draft pick, so traditionally he was the being shopped as one of the next NHL superstar. He is definitely holding his own in the league.

I don't have any other cards from this set so all of these were all new. A /25 Spectrum parallel rookie card was a surprise - I hadn't heard of York previous to this card but apparently he played a few minutes with the Blue Jackets during 2011.
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