2013-14 Score Jumbo Box

Over this past weekend, I picked up a 34-pack jumbo box of 2013-14 Score Hockey at a discounted price. I've liked this set since it's initial release; the checklist is solid and the photography gave Upper Deck's flagship a run for its money that year. Besides, you can't really go wrong with picking up a product that contains the Double Rookie Class.

#105 Andrew Shaw, Chicago Blackhawks
From the jumbo box I collated 267/650 of the massive base set + Hot Rookies SPs, no doubles. I'll throw up a wantlist in the near future and maybe reel in a few trades.

#TF-6 Patrick Kane The Franchise, Chicago Blackhawks
Score's 'The Franchise' insert set dates back to its sophomore release in 1991. Ever since Panini reintroduced Score into the market, the insert set didn't see much change in it's design which lead to a loss of interest in acquiring these cards for the most part. It would have been cool to see Panini throw it back to the original 'The Franchise' design featuring current players - I think it would have really worked.

#FG-1 Nail Yakupov First Goal, Edmonton Oilers
Sure, go ahead and call him the next 1st overall Draft bust but you have to admit he was a fun player to watch during his rookie campaign. He brought a ton of  enthusiasm and his goal against the Kings is probably one of the most thrilling Oilers moments in the last decade. It didn't work out for him in Edmonton so he was sent to the St. Louis Blues where he has been a healthy scratch for much of the season.

#556 Toews/Kane/Crawford/Bollig Team Leaders Gold Rush, Chicago Blackhawks
I pulled a small stack of these Gold Rush parallel cards - they're suppose to be a 1 per pack insert but there were a few packs in the box that contained up to three of them. I'm not a fan of parallels so the entire lot is up for trade if anyone is interested in putting it together.

#NC-12 Carey Price Net Cam, Montreal Canadiens
The 'Net Cam' insert set was introduced into the Score brand during the 2010-11 release of the product and Panini kept running with it year-after-year. With a lack of creativity in the theme and little change in the design of the card, it got kind of stale. When you compare the Price 'Net Cam' card from the first year of release to the card shown above, there isn't much of a difference.

#NC-12 Carey Price Net Cam, Montreal Canadiens (Reverse)
Despite the lack of uniqueness in the insert set, you couldn't do any better player-wise with pulling a Carey Price. I really liked the photo of Price on the reverse so I decided to give it a scan and post that as well.

#646 Dougie Hamilton Hot Rookies RC, Boston Bruins
If Hamilton isn't actually considered a number one defensemen right now, he will be soon. He has all the tools, and he's only getting better. He is leading the Flames in everything but minutes-played which will probably change much sooner rather than later, especially if his play from the first half of the season can keep up.

#647 Vladimir Tarasenko Hot Rookies RC, St. Louis Blues
Vladimir Tarasenko has been nothing short of a star in the NHL since his arrival. He has been a consistent contributor on the St. Louis Blues and an entertainment goldmine.

#SS-DO Dmitry Orlov Score Signatures, Washington Capitals
You receive one auto per jumbo box. I received Dmitry Orlov; undoubtedly the results could have been much worse given the weak checklist of the Score Signatures. Jeremy Duchesne, Linus Klasen, Mark Olver? Orlov has a nice looking graph at least and has been a mainstay on the Washington Capitals roster over the past two seasons.

 It wasn't a bad box for a low-tier product, I was pleased with the results. If I run into another one of these discounted jumbo boxes in the future I'll most likely pick it up and do some damage to the remainder of the checklist.


  1. These are really nice. I am a fan of Panini's hockey releases. I have a bunch from this set and maybe some spares, from the huge lot I was given in 2015, but I have not been into the box in a while and don't remember what is in there, but when you get the wantlist up I will see if I can come up with any.

    I think Kin Kinsley is working on the Gold Rush set.

    1. Thanks for reading. Here's a link to the wantlist page: http://coasttopostscards.blogspot.ca/p/the-want-list.html

  2. I'm interested in the Gold Rush cards. I'm working on the 2012-13 base set and also going to go for that gold rush. In time, I plan to do this one as well.

    Also, I love that you used Andrew Shaw, who is my player collection, as the main image!


    1. We could work something else for the Gold Rush parallels, I have no desire to chase a set of them. Here's a link to the want list if you have any from this set: Thanks for reading. Here's a link to the wantlist page: http://coasttopostscards.blogspot.ca/p/the-want-list.html

  3. Loved this set! I've got a ton of dupes if you ever get a want list together...

    1. Thanks for reading Shane. I sent something your way a couple weeks back, please let me know when you receive it. Here's a link to the wantlist page: http://coasttopostscards.blogspot.ca/p/the-want-list.html

  4. I've never opened up any Panini NHL cards but these are pretty nice looking, especially for a bargain set. Nice Orlov auto as well.

    1. I agree, beautiful cards for the price point. Not much in terms of major hits but if you pull an auto of a rookie who has been doing well in the league you've fetched a diamond in this product.


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