Just a quick three pack show and tell for this evenings post. Not entirely sure why I decided to take a gamble on SPx for the second week in a row but here we go!

Scanning all the cards 

Lets take a break from the base with a regular short print rookie card #d /499. Cade Fairchild played a handful of games with the St. Louis Blues during the 2011-12 season and has since found himself making the rounds in the AHL, ECHL, KHL and most recently with Rogle BK in the Swedish Hockey League.

Not a whole lot going on here. I mean, Boston Bruins era Milan Lucic IS one of my favorite players from that period of time in the National Hockey League - and that's stretching it when it comes to discussing the contents from these SPx packs.


  1. While I like the overall look of this set, the cropping at the top always drives me crazy when I see these. It is even worse for the goalie when the top of the mask is cropped out.

    And I don't see a good reason for it. Why not just move the bottom of the card down a bit, right?

  2. I haven't opened up any hockey packs in a long time, but seeing the SPx logo makes me miss the mid 90's, one card per pack SPx products.


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