Honeycomb and Hockey

It's rare that I walk into a flea market and come across something that falls into a set or pc that I'm actively collecting. The card tables at my flea market seem to focus more on the newest products and Tim Hortons cards.

One of the sets from my childhood that I’ve always wanted to complete has been the 1997 Pinnacle Post All-World All-Stars. I had an early addiction to sugary breakfast cereals as evident by the amount of these cards I owned in my hockey card collection. I actually still have the 'original’ cards from ‘97 and have picked up another few since I began collecting again several years ago.

They’re a tough card to cross paths with in the wild so I was really excited to find 3 additions to the set at the most recent flea market that I attended.

Finishing off this set will be high on my collecting priority list heading into the New Year.


Thank You For Being A Frenemy

It's been a busy week to say the least. Since the beginning of summer, I've been creating and promoting my own brand of trading cards - totally unrelated to hockey, think Garbage Pail Kids meet Newfoundland & Labrador culture and notable people. I've been spending most of my spare time over the past several months focusing on it and just yesterday I had my second public exhibit so things were a little crazy attempting to get everything together for the showing. Maybe I'll throw it up in a blog post in the future.

But for now it's hockey - Back again to present the contents of the second and final mega box of 2018-19 Upper Deck Series 1 that I snatched up over the Black Friday madness. I promise that I'll get to something more - thought provoking content after I clear the plate.

Going to kick it off with Connor and follow through with favorite players and photos from the break.

I've really taken a liking to Jamie Benn. He is a strong all-around player - able to score, lead, hit and willing to drop the gloves when he bell rings. I've always had a soft spot for the power forward role and Benn fits the bill.

I wasn't familiar with any of the three Young Guns that this blaster yielded but Minnesota Wild forward Jordan Greenway is the only player currently 'lacing them up' in the show at the moment.

This is the first game used Rangers card of Shattenkirk in my collection.

And there we have it folks - two mega boxes of 2018-19 Upper Deck Series 1 from Black Friday past.


Hi-ho, Silver! Away!

The annual Upper Deck flagship was released earlier this month and I gotta say, the set is pretty easy on the eyes! I've been hankering over busting something 'retro' lately but I couldn't resist swiping a couple of mega boxes containing the new stuff while it was on sale over Black Friday.

I'm actually beginning to think that somebody over at Upper Deck has been listening! Those dreadful cards featuring players kicking a soccer ball in the back of the arena seem to have vanished from this years product.

A really nice base design this year as well, I'm super impressed with the vibe of these cards. In my opinion, I would go as far as saying that this is one of the nicest looking Upper Deck flagship sets to come out in recent history!

I'm going to run down through the base by showcasing some my favorite players.

A nice card featuring a cool shot of Madison Square Garden won't go astray in my collection. How about two!?

My brother has got me really into following the Islanders lately. The trio of Young Guns that I pulled from the blaster box have all yet to prove themselves in the NHL - Michael Dal Colle being the name that I'm most familiar with.

 The Upper Deck Canvas continues to rock. Here's Subban donning a cowboy hat that reads "Smashville" during warmups before their Hockey Fights Cancer game against the Washington Capitals at Bridgestone Arena.

The Hockey Fights Cancer hats were distributed to fans who helped to "Smash Cancer" by giving a $5 donation.

"Shining Stars" are now "Shooting Stars" but this isn't just any Shooting Star insert, it's Crosby and it's a black parallel which undoubtedly makes for the raddest card from the blaster. According to the odds marked on the back of the box; these Black Parallels fall 1:192 packs!

I also pulled two Upper Deck Portraits but I'm not even going to waste our time and scan those. They are extremely disappointing this season - I mean, it's an insert set that we could have done without two years ago but this year it's like they never even tried to make it worthy to collect. I'm really just not into it.

I still have another one of these 'mega boxes' to go through so I figure I will be able to put most of the 200 card base set together.


Blog Bat Around: All-Autograph Team Hockey Edition

I really like the idea for the most recent Blog Bat Around that has been circulating around the sports card blogosphere courtesy of Torren' Up Cards - construct a starting nine/10 lineup with their best baseball autographs at each position. Simple enough.

I'm not a baseball card collector but I certainly am an autograph collector. Collating completely hand-signed hockey card sets have been my main hobby focus since returning to the game a little over 6 years ago. At the moment, I am working on three sets - 2012-13 Score, 2011 Panini Stickers and 1990 Panini Stickers. I'm only 18 cards away from finishing the entire 548 card Score set and have made significant progress on the other two.

So here is my starting lineup of my best/favorite autographs by position - Centre, Left Wing, Right Wing, 2 Defensemen and a Goalie.


Sidney Crosby / Centre - He's my current favorite player so few other could trump Sid as the centre selection in my starting lineup. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time.

This card was signed by Crosby after the Pittsburgh Penguins' 2017 Stanley Cup Parade.

Jaromir Jagr / Right Wing - This was probably the most difficult position that I hadto select but in the end Calgary Flame's legend, Jaromir Jagr, takes the throne. Honorable mention goes to Brett Hull.

Jagr signed two cards from this set at a signing.

Bobby Hull / Left Wing - The Golden Jet.

Nicklas Lidstrom / Defence - One of the most reliable defensemen to ever play the game. Oozes leadership both on and off the ice.

Through the mail.

Paul Coffey / Defence - Embodied everything an offensive defenseman could be.

Received Coffey through the mail a few years back.

Patrick Roy / Goaltender - Unarguably one of the greatest to man the pipes.

Roy signed his ‘90 Panini through a private signing.


Keeper of The Cup

Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing; who do you got on your bracket? And how about those Golden Knights? Not too shabby, pulling off the sweep against the Los Angeles Kings in the first round. I still don’t believe people are taking them seriously, for what it’s worth. Capturing the Cup in their inaugural season seems like quite the stretch but there’s no doubt that these guys can play really well together and are a definite threat. I’ve read comments from people that seem to brush them off and call their success ‘luck’ but I think these guys are more than that, they have proven that they are a hungry team, an expansion franchise like no other before and the record books show it. I’m really looking forward to their second round matchup against the Sharks.

And how about those Kings... it feels like it was only yesterday they were a dominant playoff team - how things have changed.

A couple of days ago I received an envelope in the mail from “The Keep of the Cup” Phil Pritchard. As one of two caretakers of the Stanley Cup and has become kind of a renowned personality in the National Hockey Leauge.  If the Stanley Cup is in sight, you can bet Phil or his buddy Craig Campbell are not far away.

I reached out to Phil and asked him if there was anything he could mail me that I could keep in my collection. Within just a few days, he was kind enough to send me a few signed photos and a card. The oversized Upper Deck 25th Aniversary card is also signed by Campbell.

Phil has his own Day With The Cup card from Upper Deck. He spends sometimes up to 175 days on the road with the Cup over a year, so I bet there wasn’t an issue with choosing a photo to use for the card. This was taken from one of his trips with the Cup to his hometown of Oakville ON.

In just another few weeks you’ll start to see Phil back on television, ready to present Lord Stanley to the Champions, whomever that may be.

Thanks for the stuff Phil, appreciate your time.
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