Who I Am And Why I'm Here

Hello readers, welcome to my hockey card blog.

Lately I've found myself spending some of my downtime reading trading card blogs from all over the internet. I've begun to miss the ol' hobby and have been hankered to pick it back up again. I want to start all over to be exact and begin working with a clean slate.

My earliest memories of collecting cardboard stem from receiving a Champions Hockey Card Collectors Starter Kit (endorsed by Patrick Roy) at the age of 7 as an Easter gift. I was hooked - spending countless hours as a young boy organizing and trading with friends. It was the mid-'90s and it was all about the hockey card.

My all-time favorite player is Mario Lemieux, I've been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since I can remember following the game. Unfortunately I can recall David Volek of the New York Islanders scoring an overtime goal in game seven to upset the Pens in '93 more clearly than their Stanley Cup celebrations from the previous 2 years.

As I got older, hockey cards took a backseat to many other things; I didn't collect and hardly thought about it, to be honest I stopped following the game in general.

I started to get back into the sport several years ago just like I did when I was 10 - maybe my passion has even gone a little deeper.

As far as set goals collecting-wise is concerned, I am not sure where I want to go with it right now. But getting over this first blog post hump will be a huge accomplishment (if you've ever had to write an introduction post, you know what I mean), that's for sure.

I'm not here with aspirations to become the #1 sports card blog in the blogosphere; I'm here to have fun, share my collection with others and meet new people who share the same interests.  Pretty simple really.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you join me on my rediscovering of the hobby.

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  1. Just got your updated address all cleaned up on my blogroll, I'll be reading going forward!


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