Keeper of The Cup

Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing; who do you got on your bracket? And how about those Golden Knights? Not too shabby, pulling off the sweep against the Los Angeles Kings in the first round. I still don’t believe people are taking them seriously, for what it’s worth. Capturing the Cup in their inaugural season seems like quite the stretch but there’s no doubt that these guys can play really well together and are a definite threat. I’ve read comments from people that seem to brush them off and call their success ‘luck’ but I think these guys are more than that, they have proven that they are a hungry team, an expansion franchise like no other before and the record books show it. I’m really looking forward to their second round matchup against the Sharks.

And how about those Kings... it feels like it was only yesterday they were a dominant playoff team - how things have changed.

A couple of days ago I received an envelope in the mail from “The Keep of the Cup” Phil Pritchard. As one of two caretakers of the Stanley Cup and has become kind of a renowned personality in the National Hockey Leauge.  If the Stanley Cup is in sight, you can bet Phil or his buddy Craig Campbell are not far away.

I reached out to Phil and asked him if there was anything he could mail me that I could keep in my collection. Within just a few days, he was kind enough to send me a few signed photos and a card. The oversized Upper Deck 25th Aniversary card is also signed by Campbell.

Phil has his own Day With The Cup card from Upper Deck. He spends sometimes up to 175 days on the road with the Cup over a year, so I bet there wasn’t an issue with choosing a photo to use for the card. This was taken from one of his trips with the Cup to his hometown of Oakville ON.

In just another few weeks you’ll start to see Phil back on television, ready to present Lord Stanley to the Champions, whomever that may be.

Thanks for the stuff Phil, appreciate your time.


  1. My fiance and I got a picture with him when he was with the Cup in Dallas last year. Good times! Very nice guy, from our interaction.

  2. Awesome stuff as usual Brad, love the Day with the Cup card in particular!

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading.


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