Game Dated Moments Jaromir Jagr

If you aren't aware, Upper Deck has been releasing on-demand cards since the beginning of the hockey season commemorating events or achievements from over the previous week of NHL action - a concept similar to Topps Now. Sold for one week only, each card includes in-game photography as well as the date and a description of the moment.

The cards are sold through Upper Deck ePack and can be purchased provided that you also buy a different ePack hockey product in the same transaction.

I have bought a few ePacks in the past but the idea is lost on me because I enjoy having something tangible; I mean, if I'm going to shell out $5 for a pack of cards - I want it all, even the wrapper.

I haven't given much thought to pursuing any of the Game Dated Moments cards that were being printed but a spark of interest was set when Upper Deck announced the release of the above Jaromir Jagr card back in January.

I figured there probably won't be too many cards featuring Jagr in a Calgary Flames jersey in the future. His 22 games with the club is probably something his legacy would much rather shed. But maybe I'm wrong; To my knowledge there are already three pieces of cardboard highlighting his tenure with the Flames from a couple of different sets.

But I like it, I like the oddity aspect of it, much like a card of a St. Louis Blues Wayne Gretzky or a Boston Bruins Brian Leetch. I like it so much that I logged into ePack that week and bought a pack of Upper Deck Compendium (the cheapest pack that was eligible to unlock the Game Dated Moments card for purchase) and acquired it for my collection.

Despite the nickname the Ageless Wonder, Jag's is showing his age on this one; with the dual exhaust grey hair running out from underneath his lid to that salt & pepper beard shadowing across his face. It all just adds to why I felt like I needed to own this card more than any of the others released.


  1. Man I am jealous of this one! I had no idea this card existed, maybe I can score one on the secondary market somewhere. Great card, thanks for posting it Brad!

    1. Hope you can pick a copy up for a decent price! Thanks for reading.

  2. I picked up the Game Dated Moments card from when he debuted with the Flames. Who knew that the tenure was going to be so short??

    1. I know eh. I believe he was lucky to be even given a chance to extend his career in the NHL given how young the league has become. Since his return in 2011, he had some pretty good seasons and showed that he could hang with the NHL after 3 seasons playing in the K.


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