2018 National Hockey Card Day

I've skipped out on visiting my local card shop on National Hockey Card Day over the past couple of years due to a waning interest in the hobby.

This year I wanted to break that slump by getting out and celebrating the cardboard with a trip to the ol' shop.

My 2018 National Hockey Card Day free pack featured 5 cards from the base set. Nothing special here; I've been on a Steve Yzerman kick lately so I'm happy to pick up one of his cards today while on the whim. You can pick up a complete 17-card set on the secondary market for about $5.

I'm very surprised both Crosby and Gretzky have been omitted from the checklist this year! I think it might actually be the first time in the run of a decade of National Hockey Card Day sets that neither have been included.

I received the Subban 'Memorable Moments' card with a purchase.

It would be criminal to leave the store without buying something. I opted for a pack of Upper Deck's newest product, Synergy.

The cards look okay; they have a completely acetate feel to them which is unique. My only problem is the overwhelming number of parallels that are thrown in amongst the set. Blue, red, green, purple - Total madness! When does it end?

Denis Gurianov had a cup of coffee in the NHL with the Stars last year - unfortunately he hasn't gotten called up from the AHL so far into this season.

My most lucrative and favorite card from my National Hockey Card Day experience, bar none, is this Auston Matthews 'Exceptional Talent' insert. I mean, you can't go wrong with pulling a card featuring one of the most sought-after players in the hobby.

Matthews has been really fun to watch, a very special kind of player for sure - I hope he continues on this path of success in the NHL and admittedly, the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise in general. To be honest, I wouldn't be angry to see the Leafs win a Cup within the next few years. Will it happen? I don't know, only time will tell.

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